How to Hit Longer Drives

by Top Speed Golf

This video focuses on maximizing your distance off the tee through efficient swing mechanics and power generation.

Short Game Basics

by Danny Maude

You will learn the set up for chipping, the basic short game technique and some of the common faults I see that lead to thin and chunk shots.

"Golf is not a Game of Perfect"

by Dr Bob Rotella

Filled with insightful stories about golf, Dr. Bob Rotella’s delightful book will improve the game of even the most casual weekend player.

5 Putting Hacks

by Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard

How would you like 5 putting hacks to drain important putts? Do you get wristy, lose your feel, or “guide” the ball? 

3 Keys to Get the Body Moving

by Andrew Rice

In this video, Andrew details 3 important elements to getting the body moving in the golf swing.

How to Hit a Flop Shot

by Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth takes you step-by-step to pulling off a successful flop shot which requires skill, finesse and practice.