Patron Club Membership


All Included – Complete Marketing for Your Golf Club

✓ Core Listing Details

✓ Direct Contact Info

✓ Map Locator and Directions

✓ Searchable Listing

✓ Links to Your Website

✓ Rating & Reviews

✓ Image Gallery

✓ Built-in Contact Form

✓ Social Media Links

✓ Embed Video

  • ✓ Search & Lisiting Prominence

    ✓ Event Listing (unlimited)

    ✓ Booking Integration

    ✓ Personalized Listing Support

    ✓ Website Consultation

    ✓ Marketing Consultation

    ✓ Advertorial

    ✓ Newsletter Listing (digital)

    ✓ Magazine Page Digital

    ✓ Sponsor Opportunities

As a Club Patron Member of the Treasure Coast Golf Association (TCGA), your club will be entitled to a range of valuable benefits, including:

Expertise and Credibility: Treasure Coast Golf Association is seen as an authority on local golf clubs. This perception can enhance the club’s reputation and credibility in the eyes of potential members.

Increased Visibility and Marketing: Joining the association means benefiting from its marketing and promotional efforts. As the association is a go-to source for golfers looking for clubs, being a part of it can significantly boost visibility.

Networking Opportunities: Being part of TCGA provides opportunities to network with other golf clubs and industry professionals. This can lead to beneficial partnerships, shared knowledge, and best practices.

Member Referrals: As people often contact the association for recommendations, being a member can lead to direct referrals, helping to increase the club’s membership.

Access to Tournaments and Events: Membership can provide access to special tournaments and events, which can be attractive to the club’s members, enhancing their golfing experience.

Community Engagement: Joining TCGA connects the club with the larger golf community in the area, fostering a sense of belonging and community involvement.

Feedback and Improvement: Being a part of a respected association can provide valuable feedback from a wider golfing community, which can be used to improve the club’s facilities and services.

Enhanced Member Experience: TCGA’s expertise in golf can be a resource for the club to enhance its overall member experience, offering insights into trends, member preferences, and innovative golfing activities.

Club Patron Annual

Annual - $600/yr